November 30, 2010

30 Days of Thanks #30

(I am writing this from 37,336 feet while flying over Caspar, WY, on my phone. Technology is pretty amazing, isn't it?)

30 days. Made it. Paying more attention to what I am thankful for has truly made me more appreciative of the many many blessings I have. I know sometimes it was more of a "here's what I did today and I am thankful for it" and twice I asked my sisters what they were thankful for to get some ideas....but all in all this has been a great experiment in gratitude...and I am thankful for it.

I also realized that I never gave thanks for my wonderful daughter. I am more grateful to have her in my life than just about anything, and she deserves her own post with pictures and eloquent words. But I'm at 37,336 feet and not that good with technology. I know everyone thinks their child is something special, but man, that girl is something special. Love you, El.

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packermom said...

She's pretty wonderful, all right.