July 19, 2008

Blogging Games

I got this from Danielle, blogger-extraordinaire. For all you secret blog readers out there, now's your chance to come out of the closet!

Everyone needs to play...This is Fun!

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember--it can be funny, weird, awkward, random, etc.!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

July 14, 2008

Nursery in Progress

The nursery is nearing completion. I still need to get a crib (long story, but "no hardware" doesn't just mean missing screws), curtains, recover the chair and put things on the wall. Things are coming along!

What a Party

I had a perfect baby shower last week. It was fun to see all the Pinebrook friends and, as always, it was beautiful with wonderful food. Thanks Robyn, Janis, Brittney, Jess, Jill and Wendy for a great night!!!
Robyn's back yard.

Brittney decorated and Jill and Janis made this AMAZING cake. I couldn't believe it. Not only did it look great, but it was also delicious. Brittney is starting a business...check it out:


Delicious food
Cute gifts

July 7, 2008

Land of the Free

We spent our Fourth up in Idaho at the Bob Harman Family Reunion. What a weekend it was--food, waterslides, fishing, sandcastles, skits, cousins I didn't recognize (oh wait, that's a Newman), and more food. What more do you need? We took a little detour and visited Murtaugh , Ryan's mom's hometown. It was fun to see the farm, lake and all three houses. What we discovered, though, is that Murtaugh barely qualifies as a town. There is a school (the "Alamo" has since been torn down), a church, an Ace Hardware, train tracks, Jo's Corner Store, and that's it. Janet said, "It's better than it looks." But for being so small, it was actually quite nice.

The highlight of the weekend was the fireworks show. When I heard we were doing fireworks at Uncle John's, I imagined some sparklers, a few roman candles and, to really make it official, one or two that went into the sky. I couldn't have been more wrong. My first clue should have been the 50+ cars parked along the street. We have a big family, but not this big. The entire community (600 people last year!!) was there, covering the lawns. The fireworks were impressive. They were the kind you have to go to school and get a permit to operate, according to Uncle Kent. They lasted so long my dad got bored and went inside (his attention span was never very long). After 35 minutes of in-your-face, in-the-sky, loud, sparkling, Disneyland-style fireworks Lee Greenwood sang us out. It was quite the evening--too bad we discovered this tradition the year they are selling the farm!

July 1, 2008

It's Official

It is now July 1st, and that means I am officially done with residency. I started my new job yesterday at Southpoint Pediatrics. I am working Tuesdays and Thursdays and every 5th weekend--a far cry from 80 hours a week to which I have grown accustomed. I'm not sure quite sure what to do with myself the other 60, but people keep telling me that the little gymnast flopping around in my belly has plans for those extra hours.