May 31, 2008

Happy Day

Over the past 3 years, I have spent over 150 nights on call. For the lucky few of you who have not had to listen to me complain about this, call means going in around 6 and coming home around 12 the next day. (Thank heavens for the 30 hour rule--back in the day there was no limit to how long you stayed). Yesterday I finished my LAST CALL DAY EVER. Yeah!!! I still have a month of residency, but it should be an easy month, without call. We went out last night to celebrate, and it felt great. Thanks to Ryan for putting up with all of the 150 days and nights. You're the best.

May 22, 2008

I'm it

I've been tagged by Megan, my good friend from med school. Here's the dirt...

How long have you been together? 7 years this June. I can't believe it's been that long.

How long did you date? About a year

How old are you? 29 and counting

Who eats more? 6 months ago, no question--Ryan. But now that I'm eating for two, some meals are a toss up.

Who said I love you first? Honestly don't remember. I think maybe me, but I'm not sure.

Who is taller? Ryan. I have strong Ivie genes.

Who is smarter? That would be Ryan. I always say I hope our kids get his brain and my heart.

Who does the laundry? That would be me. Although, Ryan does occasionally help out with the washing/drying but NOT folding.

Who does the dishes? Mostly me, but if I've cooked a nice meal Ryan takes over.

Who pays the bills? I take care of the day to day bills (thank you Quicken) and Ryan is in charge of the overall finances.

Who mows the lawn? One of the great perks of our house...the HOA takes care of the yard 
and the snow removal. But if they didn't, it would be Ryan.

Who cooks dinner? I do, most of the time. Ryan is a better cook, but I am more consistent.

Who drives when you are together? No question. Ryan. There have only been two times Ryan has seen the view from the passenger seat (except for occasionally to and from church). On the first occasion he was so doped up on pain meds he was not fully coherent. The second time he had just rendezvoused with a deer while going 45 miles an hour on his bike. Both times he wanted to drive!!

Who is more stubborn? Probably me. When I get something in my head, it's hard for me to let go.

Who has more siblings? Ryan. 4 boys to my 3 girls.

Who wears the pants in the family? Good question. I think we probably both get a leg, but mine has a fancy back pocket while Ryan's is unadorned.

May 18, 2008

Recharging the Battery

How do you survive a month in the ICU, with days starting at 5:00 and more sadness than you can bear? A quick weekend getaway to San Francisco, that's how. Ryan and I spent the weekend relaxing, eating, sleeping, shopping, reading and sightseeing. Doug was heavily involved with a national cardiology meeting, and had a great suite at the Marriott, so Ryan, Janet and I tagged along. It was just what we needed, solidifying the idea that weekend trips keep you sane. We even happened upon a friendly face--we saw Kim Peay (now with a new last name) at church. If anyone is up for a little trip, we left plenty of things undone and are ready to go back.

Here's a link to some photos:

May 11, 2008

Best Mother's Day EVER!

While I am not officially a mother, I had a great Almost-A-Mother's Day. Ryan surprised me with a great gift--a promise to paint the nursery (!!!) and a baby outfit. If anyone has any good nursery fabric/color scheme ideas or websites, let me know. Then to top it all off, because I was on call last night, and because she's the greatest, my own mom came and brought me dinner. Yes, that's right, my mother came and cooked me dinner on her day. It was fantastic. What a selfless, loving, mom. She's the best ever. 

May 2, 2008


...Jane...Kate...Abby...Elizabeth...Addison...Pollyanna...insert GIRL name of choice!

We had the official ultrasound yesterday, and Amber was right--she's 100% girl. I am trying my hand at video-blogging. Here's the 1 minute edit of the 45 minute ultrasound.