May 18, 2008

Recharging the Battery

How do you survive a month in the ICU, with days starting at 5:00 and more sadness than you can bear? A quick weekend getaway to San Francisco, that's how. Ryan and I spent the weekend relaxing, eating, sleeping, shopping, reading and sightseeing. Doug was heavily involved with a national cardiology meeting, and had a great suite at the Marriott, so Ryan, Janet and I tagged along. It was just what we needed, solidifying the idea that weekend trips keep you sane. We even happened upon a friendly face--we saw Kim Peay (now with a new last name) at church. If anyone is up for a little trip, we left plenty of things undone and are ready to go back.

Here's a link to some photos:


Kimberley said...

Hi Al- Kimmy told me that I made it in your post- so I had to check it out! I love that you put in a good word for this splendid city and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Great to see you and best of luck with the little girl on the way!

Todd and Megan said...

Oh I love that picture of the Golden Gate Bridge...I absolutely ADORE that city and miss it so much! I am so glad that you were able to get away!