May 11, 2008

Best Mother's Day EVER!

While I am not officially a mother, I had a great Almost-A-Mother's Day. Ryan surprised me with a great gift--a promise to paint the nursery (!!!) and a baby outfit. If anyone has any good nursery fabric/color scheme ideas or websites, let me know. Then to top it all off, because I was on call last night, and because she's the greatest, my own mom came and brought me dinner. Yes, that's right, my mother came and cooked me dinner on her day. It was fantastic. What a selfless, loving, mom. She's the best ever. 

1 comment:

Kim Smith said...

You Mom is a fantastic Mother. I have a suspision that once "Baby Girl" comes - she'll be looking to cook a lot more dinners at your place!!
Kudos to Ryan. Good luck on the painting!