July 28, 2010

cousin camp, part 2

marshmallows in the back yard. roasted "nice and warm"

ma janet's microwave was the perfect height

we were not above bribery or making fools of ourselves to get a good cousin shot. Out of the 200 you'd think there would be one with all three smiling and looking at the camera...

Lauren has some more pictures. Here, here and here.

July 23, 2010

cousin camp, 2010 (part 1)

playing with bubbles
(she had more fun washing herself than trying to figure out the bubble wand

house of bounce

posing for pics at the park
(they are really happy about it, too)

making cookies with grandma and grandpa

Ella's having the time of her life. And despite having our flight canceled, the trip over was a piece of cake. 100 times easier than last year. The weather has been nice, and Chance doggy has rallied from his lymphoma to play with these kids.

Doesn't get much better than this.

July 15, 2010

ella outside

Funny things she's said while we were outside writing this post

  • Jesus wants me sun for beam
  • He's singing to me mommy! (referring to the chirping bird in the tree)...Love me! Love me! (when asked what the bird in the tree was saying to her)
  • It's big enough! (and then, when I wasn't paying attention she picked a green tomato because, apparently, it was big enough)

This is Ella explaining to me how the squirrels ate our yellow squash. She is very concerned about it.


I have to speak in church on Sunday on self-reliance. I've got loads of good quotes, but not a single story. And you know how boring talks are without stories. Anyone have any ideas???

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thanks from me and the hopefully-not-bored highland ward

July 13, 2010

nose spiting face...OR...why I am not always right...OR...maybe I should listen to my husband

I have this unfortunate habit of thinking that, when it comes to disagreements with Ryan, I am usually right. The funny thing is I know that Ryan is smarter than I am. Hands down. No question. I am the first to admit it, and it doesn't bother me one bit. I am smart; he is smarter. But when it comes to individual situations and questions, all that goes out the window. I am almost always certain that I am right and he is wrong.

Today we had one of those little differences of opinion. We were in the bathroom getting ready, and Ella was holding a bottle of OPI's The Chapel of Love. It nearly rolled onto the tile floor, and Ryan commented how lucky we were that it didn't fall, as it would surely break. I disagreed. It wouldn't break. The glass was thick--the bottle sturdy.

To prove my point, I took the bottle and dropped it. Onto the hard tile floor.

And, yep, it broke.

Score one more for Ryan.