July 23, 2010

cousin camp, 2010 (part 1)

playing with bubbles
(she had more fun washing herself than trying to figure out the bubble wand

house of bounce

posing for pics at the park
(they are really happy about it, too)

making cookies with grandma and grandpa

Ella's having the time of her life. And despite having our flight canceled, the trip over was a piece of cake. 100 times easier than last year. The weather has been nice, and Chance doggy has rallied from his lymphoma to play with these kids.

Doesn't get much better than this.


alisha said...

So cute to see all three of them together. I bet Doug and Janet are so excited to have them there.

Sharon said...

Love the picture of Ella eating the cookie dough..she looks like she is in heaven

packermom said...

Can't thank you enough for coming........I miss you all! The pictures are priceless!!