July 13, 2010

nose spiting face...OR...why I am not always right...OR...maybe I should listen to my husband

I have this unfortunate habit of thinking that, when it comes to disagreements with Ryan, I am usually right. The funny thing is I know that Ryan is smarter than I am. Hands down. No question. I am the first to admit it, and it doesn't bother me one bit. I am smart; he is smarter. But when it comes to individual situations and questions, all that goes out the window. I am almost always certain that I am right and he is wrong.

Today we had one of those little differences of opinion. We were in the bathroom getting ready, and Ella was holding a bottle of OPI's The Chapel of Love. It nearly rolled onto the tile floor, and Ryan commented how lucky we were that it didn't fall, as it would surely break. I disagreed. It wouldn't break. The glass was thick--the bottle sturdy.

To prove my point, I took the bottle and dropped it. Onto the hard tile floor.

And, yep, it broke.

Score one more for Ryan.


Janice said...

Great story. Dentist husband is smarter than me and I prefer it that way. I once dated someone where I was obviously smarter (I used to correct his spelling mistakes in letters her wrote me) and I hated it.

Marie said...

I LOVE this! So funny :) Thanks for the laugh!

Marie said...

p.s. Kurt is WAAAAAY smarter than me. Haha :)

packermom said...

I can just picture Ryan's face.

Mandy said...

Oh my, I LOVE this!! I would totally do something like that! And, by the way I still believe that OPI bottles are tough as nails and that just this once was a fluke. I've dropped my fair share!
Ps: saw you at the wedding and didn't get a chance to say hi before you disappeared. I did however get to spend fourth of july with the cutest 2 year old ever! She is adorable!! Ma Suey and Pa Paul must be proud!

Campbell Family said...

Don't worry, I've broken a bottle of OPI nail polish before, too :)

Molly Bice-Jackson said...

classic! love it.

i'm pretty sure i'm always right, though. if i would have dropped it, it would not have broken.