January 30, 2008


On Sunday, after all of my complaining about the hospital, I was reminded of Primary Children's special place in my life. I was heading to church (which by itself is pretty neat--you can go to half hour church dressed in my scrubs!) when lo and behold, there was Elder Oaks sitting in the audience. He and his wife just showed up. He didn't speak, but did stay to shake hands and give warm smiles. It lifted my spirits and kept me going.

January 26, 2008

You, me and a little RSV

I'm back on wards, and you know what winter at a children's hospital means...lots of bronchiolitis. I swear, half the hospital (staff included) has a respiratory virus. I am just getting over my own version. It isn't all bad, though. At least the kids (every single one of them, so far) get better. I'll take RSV over a liver transplant any day. Two more weeks and I am done. Then I head to the ER with, what else, more RSV.

January 11, 2008

Castle Country, Here I Come

New Year, new adventures. This week I made the trek to Price for an outreach clinic with a handful of others from Primary Children's. I was told we would be flown down in Governor's Jet. Turns out, our very nice pilots flew a teeny-tiny Fish and Game plane. Because the flight was only 45 minutes, I didn't take any Dramamine. Big mistake. I did not lose my breakfast, but it was very close.
I had a great day when we finally made it. I saw all kinds of interesting kids, and I briefly saw my old friend Brady Bradford, who is the regional epidemiologist for the area. How cool is that. On the way home, we did fly in the Governor's Jet, and I took a whiff of Dramamine. It was an entirely different experience.