January 26, 2008

You, me and a little RSV

I'm back on wards, and you know what winter at a children's hospital means...lots of bronchiolitis. I swear, half the hospital (staff included) has a respiratory virus. I am just getting over my own version. It isn't all bad, though. At least the kids (every single one of them, so far) get better. I'll take RSV over a liver transplant any day. Two more weeks and I am done. Then I head to the ER with, what else, more RSV.


kimmy girl said...

is this your way of telling the parents of the world that RSV is no big deal!? I will spread the word.

amber said...

I hear you with the RSV!!!! We can't seem to get rid of it out here! All of my kids have had it - I'm sure I probably brought it home to them too!

Camie said...

Yes, hello, I would like to add my story here as well. Ros came down with RSV two weeks ago, and little did we know what a monster it would be! Luckily, she did not ever require breathing treatments. But Amelia got the croup, and I got some variation of it--bronchitis? I don't know--and our home was a war zone for ten days. We are so glad to be back in the real world, now.