January 30, 2008


On Sunday, after all of my complaining about the hospital, I was reminded of Primary Children's special place in my life. I was heading to church (which by itself is pretty neat--you can go to half hour church dressed in my scrubs!) when lo and behold, there was Elder Oaks sitting in the audience. He and his wife just showed up. He didn't speak, but did stay to shake hands and give warm smiles. It lifted my spirits and kept me going.

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Camie said...

Church at the hospital in scrubs. What an interesting concept. I remember having church in the little kindergarten area on BYU campus, complete with construction paper things dangling from the ceiling and fish tanks lining the walls. It was still great, though.

I imagine it must feel very nice for you to have that little respite from all the drama of the hospital. I am so thankful for all you doctors do to keep our kids safe and well!