September 13, 2012

Utah State Fair

I spent a few of my summers living with my grandparents on their potato farm in a small town in Idaho. Going to the Minidoka County Fair was always one of the highlights, so it was with much nostalgia that I took Ella and Anna to the fair this morning. We had a great time, even though all the rides and attractions weren't open yet. Well, I had a great time. As we left Ella said, "What? We're leaving??? We haven't even done anything fun yet!!!"

Seeing this girl take care of her animals made me kind of want to raise my kids on a farm.

My CSA won multiple Blue Ribbons and a Best of Show

Anna's first funnel cake. She was duly impressed.

September 9, 2012


After last year's double flat disaster, Ryan was ready to take on the 206 miles from Logan to Jackson Hole. He dedicated most of his sabbatical to training (6 days a week from June to September, not missing a day) and come September 8th we were both ready to do this thing. This year I knew more what to expect as far as support and everything went amazingly well, even though Jess and I were supporting 3 riders. We had a lot of fun together in the car, and Ryan rocked it on the ride. His goal was to break 10 hours, but I know he really wanted to do it under 9 hrs 45 minutes. He came in at 9 hrs 30 min and 12 seconds!  Way to rock it, Ry.

I was busy filling water bottles and zipping to the feed zones, so I didn't get many great pictures. But here's a few to remember the day by.

Post race

We ate dinner at the Snake Creek Grill. Delish.

The view from breakfast on Sunday. Stunning. It was hazy because there was a fire.  It was right on the race course, and it was crazy to see them scooping water from the Snake River to put it out. 

You know you are in Wyoming when the mascots for the High Schools are Dogies, Bison and Herders. There were also two  sets of Broncos.

September 5, 2012