June 27, 2012

love this...rock my run

If found this site  on pinterest and thought I'd give it a try.  It's like iTunes for work-out mixes. I tried it and it worked great. For $3.99 I got a 90 minute mix that I dragged into iTunes and put on my iPod. I went running today and was movin' to the upbeat beat. The only downside is that you have one 90 minute song, so if you don't like a song on the mix it's harder to skip it. But most of the songs that I listened to were shortened (only the pump you up portion) so even if I didn't love the song it didn't last long.

I bought the Miles Fly By mix, but now I can't find it...so no guarantees on the others.

June 12, 2012

Photo Booth

(ignore my poor scanning)
My cousin Annie got married last week, and did an AMAZING job with her reception. One of the fun things she did was a photo booth. Ella loved picking out everyone's props and dressing us up. Congratulations, Annie!

Don't get burned!

I did this post for my work blog. Warning--the pictures of Anna's foot are kind of awful...but she's back to her crazy, running, busy, busy self so all is well.