June 13, 2013

Ella's Lemonade Stand

Ella has been asking me to do a Lemonade Stand nearly every day since April. For months I've been telling her that we can't do it until it's summertime. Today's high was 90; that excuse wasn't flying anymore. So we did it. On our very quiet street. After about 10 minutes of no "customers" Ella and Avery realized their problem: they didn't have a sign that said "Open." So they made one and let me tell you, things picked up from there.  Our customers totalled 5: me, the construction worker I paid off to come buy some, a girl driving by, a neighbor I texted and asked to come over and Danielle. 10 cents a glass--she made about $2. She paid me about 50 cents for supplies (after an econ 001 lesson from her dad), so she netted enough for a healthy trip to the dollar store. 

Jamie and Ava's Memorial Day Trip to Utah

I am joining the ranks of Lazy Bloggers, aka mom's with more than one child. Not editing photos* and link-blogging. But at least we're documenting, right?

Jamie and Ava came out for 12 days in May. We lived it up. Something new every day. Jamie blogged about it beautifully here here and here (she only has one child--go figure).

*jamie did edit these photos, just for the record

June 2, 2013

Disneyland, 2013

We took a super quick trip to Disneyland last month. We left on Tuesday morning, went to the park Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and flew home Thursday night. Grandma Sue and Grandpa Paul joined in on the fun, and boy, did we have fun. We decided that we are fair-weather Disney people. If it's not too hot and not too crowded we are all in. Luckily our trip met both of those conditions.

A few of my favorite memories...

Anna's favorite part, by FAR, was going down the slide at the Wilderness Explorer Camp. She loved loved loved it. She would get off the slide, and then dash off as far as her little legs could carry her (always in the wrong direction) to go down the slide again. When she'd get to the top she would wait for her turn with her arms folded, earning her an "Honorary Citizen" badge from the line attendant.

On our last day we realized that Ella was indeed tall enough to go on Splash Mountain. I was afraid she'd be a little scared, so we let her sit next to Grandma Sue in the back of the log. No need to worry. She loved it. Enough so that she immediately made us go again, this time wanting to sit all by herself. It was so fun to see her excited little face.

Thank heavens for Grandma Sue. The rest of us were far too queasy to do the Teacups over and over and over.

The Magic Morning Hour was great. We got to enter the parks an hour before general admission. It was a little silly to wait an hour in lines so that we didn't have to wait in lines, but...we were very first to get into the park, and ran down Main Street without anyone there. We got to walk onto a bunch of the popular rides during that time, making the rest of the day so much easier. We're sold.

When you ask Anna how Disneyland was, she will tell you, "We ate lunch with the Princesses." Thanks, Lauren, for the tip. Made Anna's trip.