March 31, 2012


Our friends Justin and Amelia just bought a house that has enough land for Amelia to have her long sought for farm. Today she started with six little chicks. We went over today to welcome them to the family.

We've got the best of all worlds--all the fun, none of the mess. Thanks, Hohls!

March 20, 2012

Never Say Never

Kimmy (my go to for all things hip) told me months  (years?) ago to see the Justin Bieber experience, but Ryan wasn't really game and I never got around to it. So with him gone this week Amelia and I had a girls' night and Netflixed the Bieb's story. 

It was really sweet. A talented kid with big dreams who pulls it off. All while still trying to be a 16-year-old. You just hope that he can keep his feet on the ground and stay....well...good. 

Worth seeing. Even if you've never heard Baby

March 6, 2012


arugula + caramelized torched pear + mascarpone + prosciutto + balsamic reduction

discovered here

March 4, 2012


I'm playing around with settings on blogger, so I'm sorry if you get all kinds of posts in your reader. But a friend showed me a way around the private=doesn't show in the reader dilema. After writing the post you save it, then switch your blog to public, then publish the post. Then go back and switch it to private.

Hmmm....this might work...