November 23, 2010

30 Days of Thanks #23

Lately I have been one tired mama. But not a fatigued type of tired. An 'I-can't-walk-up-the-stairs-without-stopping-to-rest' kind of tired. We are traveling for the holidays, and I was a little worried about how I would keep up. But today I got a letter from my doctor telling me that there is a reason for my drained state: I am slightly anemic. Hallelujah. That I can fix. And fix I will.

Also, today I am thankful for my husband who knows how to work the Delta SkyMiles agent. Yesterday I had received an email that I was upgraded on our flight to NYC. Yippee. First class. Sweeeeet! But when I checked later on no such upgrade existed. When I called the woman was all snippy, telling me that it had been a mistake and I had been put back in my original seat and the upgrade went to "the person who deserved it." Talk about deflated. Well, long story short, Ryan called and was able get me back to 5C. Thank you!!!

{But really, thanks to my mom who is ever so graciously staying back with Ella (who will hopefully be sleeping). I know, I'm kind of a jerk to even take the upgrade...go ahead and judge...but I am pregnant...and anemic...does that make it any less reprehensible??}

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Thayer said...

If I'd know you were anemic, I wouldn't have teased you so much about putting the nanny back in coach ;)