November 13, 2010

30 Days of Thanks #13

Today our ward completed a three month project. Someone with much greater vision and faith than I organized a "Miracle Makeover." A very deserving family (single mom, child with special needs, never complains) was chosen and their house was completely renovated. People donated old items that were then stripped, painted and metamorphosed into something beautiful. All of the furniture that was originally in the home was sold at a garage sale to fund the project (with the help of donations from church members). And for the past 24 hours members of our ward worked in shifts to tear down and rebuild walls, paint, install plumbing, wire new light fixtures, lay carpet and tile, organize and clean...all before the family arrived in a limo for the great "reveal." The end product was amazing (the pictures snapped from my phone do not do it justice), but what was even better than the home transformation was the sense of comradery and love that was felt as everyone worked together. I am thankful to be a part of such a great neighborhood and church.


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I would love to see more before and after photos. (just more photos in general). Any way of doing that?

I am LOVING my new clothes!