November 19, 2010

30 Days of Thanks #19

A few days ago I was driving home from Park City listening to NPR when I heard a story about Operation Pedro Pan. In the early 1960s Cuban parents began to worry what life would be like under Castro's reign. Fearing for their children's safety and future, they made the agonizing choice to send their babies to Miami under what was dubbed Operation Pedro Pan, a program set up to give visas to children. The children were initially cared for by a Catholic priest and then sent to refugee camps and foster homes. The families hoped they would see their children again but they had no guarantees. As political tensions rose, many families were not able to reunite.

Now 50 years later, these children told their stories. It was heartbreaking to hear them talk about their parent's decisions. As I thought about the little baby coming to our family and my desires to keep her safe and protected, I ached for the mothers who sent their children into the unknown and I had a renewed sense of gratitude for the freedoms and life I enjoy.


packermom said...

The book Waiting for Snow in Havana tells the story of one boy who was a part of this. It's a great book!

Alissa said...

I second that. I enjoyed Waiting for Snow