November 17, 2010

30 Days of Thanks #17

{ornament from my Great-Grandmother's collection}

I am one of those people that considers it slightly sacrilegious to put up your Christmas decor until November has come and gone. November 30--no go. December 1--check.

But today when my wonderful mother-in-law offered to help me decorate...and when I realized that we won't be around for much of November...I couldn't resist. I turned on the Pandora Christmas radio (via TiVo--my favorite new obsession) and decked the halls.

Thank you Janet. And come December 1st, I will be thanking you even more.


Circus Daily said...

AH, how cute. Found you guys from My Sparkle. You know, I'm Alissa as well. Also spelled with an "i"...I hear it's how the cool kids do it. ;-)

New follower...cheers.

Lauren said...

I think since you're festive and all, and with Janet there, you should draw Christmas names.


I'm doing a little catch up. Congratulations on your new little girl. We had 2 new granddaughters this year too.
Ella is certainly growing. As beautiful as her mother. Love seeing you in passing.