August 5, 2012


We took a quick trip to Rochester last week. And as always, the girls were in heaven with 2 doting grandparents to cater to their every whim. We had a great time, and for such a relaxing trip we sure did a lot!

homemade playdough "treats"

jolly rancher suckers

puppet show
slip 'n slide

We went to the Zollman Zoo, a small little zoo with Minnesota native animals. It was great--we saw otters, a bear, a cougar, a bobcat, eagles, owls, badgers, wolves, farm animals. It was here that I once again experienced "Minnesota Nice." We had forgotten our stroller, and almost turned around to get it, but decided we didn't want to make the trip. When we got there we saw a stroller sitting near the doorway. We asked one of the zookeepers if we could borrow it. Oh, sure, he said, but wait--I think there's one with a canopy around here somewhere to keep the sun off her eyes...All like it was nothing.
Love these people.


packermom said...

Never noticed the Zollman quotes....aren't they great?!

We loved having you here and miss you all. Thank you for coming!!!!!

alisha said...

What a fun trip!