August 8, 2012


Anna is 18 months! And documenting her development has been seriously neglected on this blog. Not because we don't love her :) Some things I want to remember--
  • She is a fun loving little girl. She loves to laugh and smile and play and play. 
  • She loves a thrill, and has no fear.  She loves to slide, climb, jump and splash. This picture is after being squirted in the face with a water bottle--over and over again
  • She is a talker. She will repeat almost anything, and is putting two to three words together. "Anna. Sit. Down." Her favorite word is still "Ella." She loves to call for her sister. Her language skills are about 6 months ahead. When she was a baby I worried that she was "slow"--she is proving me wrong. 
  • She responds to every question. Most often with a drawn out "yah"said sweet and soft
  • Favorite thing to do: "bu-uhl" (buckle). She loves trying to buckle anything and everything. Carseats, strollers, backpacks. Over and over and over.
  • She loves her Grandmas and Grandpas. "Papa" was her go to word for both, but over the past few days she has started to say "Drama." 
  • She is a busy busy body. Into everything. She is so noisy and busy at church--I've been counting down the days until she was old enough for nursery.
  • She has decided she wants to start potty training. She will go on the toilet when asked and once or twice a day she will tell me she needs to go (usually right when she wakes up or is getting in the bath). The problem is that now she does not want to wear a diaper, but if she doesn't accidents are guaranteed. I predict one of two things will happen: she will figure it out and be potty trained by 20 months, or she will get over it and wear a diaper until she's almost 4. 
  • She sleeps well. All night long and 1-2 naps a day. Dreamy.
Love this little bug!


Woodengirl said...

So adorable! She reminds me of how Kimmy looked when she was this age.

Janice said...

You left off, "She has a spark in her eye, always looking at the next thing to do."

Sue said...

And her drama's and papa's adore her. She is a sweet one! Colleen, a few people have said that she looks like Kimmy!

Sharon said...

She is a beauty.

Jamie Wride said...

I'm glad to hear that she is advanced in her language because I was starting to think Ava is slow.

packermom said...

Well said, Sue.......totally agree!! She is adorable!