August 22, 2012


Ella started preschool today (well, she started one of her preschools. I can't decide what to do with her and her August 29th birthday, so I'm putting her in two different schools and seeing how things go.)

I saw this idea on Pinterest made this cute sign. But before you get impressed by how pulled together I am...look a little closer. Her teachers are Miss Kristen and Miss Kim. Oops. And check out Anna at 12:45 pm. Yes, those are her jammies and she has peanut butter and honey in her hair. And those marks on Ella's face--digs from Anna. Awesome. But Ella rocked her uniform and her preschool. Love you, Ells!


Janice said...

No question. She does rock the uniform.

Janice said...

Oh and those shoes are 2nd to none.

packermom said...

Too cute!!! Looks so big girlish!!! I hope she loves it. ( Anna in the pj's.)