December 8, 2010

ella at 27 months

  • She is a fan of Dora. The children's museum in Manhattan had a whole Dora floor. She loved it.
  • The other night we were eating dinner and she was being a little obnoxious. Not bad, just making it difficult to have a conversation. Ryan started to say something about her behavior, and I said, "I know it's annoying, but she's just two." A few minutes later she was doing something I didn't approve of and asked her to stop. She replied with, "Mom, I just two." I guess she got me.
  • We've been using a lot of "option 1 or option 2." (Example: This morning she was on the verge of a meltdown because she wanted to say the prayer. Option 1: mom says the prayer. Option 2: go to time out.) She can be so stubborn, but when she is 'making' the decision she does so much better. Although I don't think it will be long before she realizes that she's being played.
  • She is not interested in potty training. It's fine for other people, but she prefers her diaper.
  • Her favorite number is 11. If you are having a conversation with someone and say, "Let's meet at 1125 south 400 east tomorrow afternoon" she'll say, "Were you talking about my fwavowit?"
  • The other day she was playing with her toy clock and said, "I tan't find 13! I've looked everywhere!"
  • She started pre-pre-school today. She is a little set in her ways when it comes to how the world should be run, so I thought some time with other kids may do her good. She loved her backpack, but informed me she would have preferred a purple one like Dora.

  • She thinks it's hilarious to make up "funny" words. Today she told me she was drinking "milker" and we were going to the "poke office." I am "mam-ha," we are going to have a "bay-pe" and Ryan is "dat-tee." She doesn't use the 'funny' words often, but when she does she gets a twinkle in her eye.


Lauren said...

That video is adorable. My kids love Dora, too. I don't get it. We've never even watched the show. Maybe that's why she's so special.

And we do lots of "options" at our house, too. My favorites are the ones where I say, "do you want to (get in your car seat) all by yourself, or do you want mommy to do it for you?"

And I love that she has a favorite number.

Janice said...

As a parent who has successfully potty trained four children in 2 days, wait until she is three. You both will be way happier.

kimmy girl said...

tell her the cheap place at the atlanta market didnt have purple. haha