December 30, 2010

December 25th: Wonderful. Christmas was stress free and relaxing. A great day.

December 26th: Different story. We misplaced keys and drove back and forth from Park City three times. But the worst part was that Ella was horribly backed up and cried on and off for hours. I had to give her 1 suppository and 2 enemas before we made any progress. It was really awful. It was also Ryan's birthday and he pretty much got the shaft. No cake, no singing, no real celebration at all. He was a very good sport.

December 27th: I had a busy day at work and came home to a little girl who absolutely refused to say she was sorry for something she had done and spent 2.5 hours in time out. I honestly wondered if she was going to end up sleeping in the corner. Whew.

December 28th: Had a nice day, but spent most of it trying to make good on my Christmas present to Ryan: get his car serviced. Didn't get much else done.

By the evening of the 28th I was starting to feel overwhelmed {I'm sure the pregnancy hormones had nothing to do with it.} Early December found me overly ambitious and I tackled two major projects: making a new room for Ella and finishing our basement. Ella's room was 60% done, and it was driving me crazy that I couldn't find time or energy to finish it. We needed to make time-sensitive decisions on the basement, but irrationally I felt I couldn't even deal with it until the girls' rooms were completed. Then came the blessed phone call from my mom. "Kimmy and I don't have plans for tomorrow. Why don't we come down and help you get Ella's room finished and get the basement figured out?" How did she know? Exactly what I needed.

I love the finished product. So does Ella.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ella is really into who's who lately. Ma Sue is "Your mommy" and Ma Janet is "Daddy's mommy." The frame on the wall has a really cool genealogy chart Kimmy and Chris made to showcase her roots. Love it.


Unknown said...

oh I love it. You have such great taste. I should get you to come help on some of my decorating.

And can we go out before the baby arrives? Will you have time?

Marie said...

Oh my gosh her room is DARLING!!

Jessica said...

Wow. Ella's room turned out SO cute. I'm glad that's one big stress out of the way for you!

Danielle said...

Her room looks so cute! I love it.

packermom said...

Oh, I hope you are all feeling better now and that Ella doesn't get it, too. Can't believe she is in a big girl room!

Camie said...

That room is positively adorable, and I am SMITTEN!!!

Jane Anne said...

So cute! Is that the old guest room?

Lisa said...

so adorable, I love her room. I love your nursery too and am taking inspiration for my nursery, though it's a boy, I wanted to paint it kelly green. Noone could catch the vision and I doubted myself. Then I remembered Ella's nursery and found your post and voila, I got my guts back to paint it green. Can I ask you what the color is called, do you remember? When painting a room this color I'd like to go with something tried and true, so to you I turn!