December 22, 2010

baby baby

{thanks, Britt, for coming out of retirement to make these...Ella loved the "Baby Jesus"}

The best part of having your first baby is the Pinebrook shower. The moms of our childhood friends know how to throw a party. There is always delicious food, fun people and fabulous gifts. Since Jamie was in town for a few days we decided to squeeze in a shower over the holidays. Since Park City is wonderful but a little bit out of the way and snowy this time of year we decided to host it at my house. Which meant that I had help cleaning my house, got credit for food that I did not make and a party that I did not plan, and got to keep the leftovers. Sweet deal.

Congrats, Jamie, and can't wait to meet the little girl.


Britt Chudleigh said...

That is so cute Alissa! They now have a new name......Baby Jesus Bundles. Thanks for the link and the sweet Christmas card. :)

Thayer said...

oooh, I need to know how she did those, too cute