July 12, 2009

Video for the Grandmas

These are for the Grandmas who can't get enough.

Good Morning Ella

Walking with the Laundry Basket

The second half of this one is funny because Ella is spinning around with the basket, just like she spins around when she is sitting on the floor.


packermom said...

This Grandma cannot get enough!!!! What a little cutie!

Thayer said...

why bother spending money on a walker when you have a carpeted floor and laundry basket - so cute! I love when she hits the wall in the beginning and pushes harder on the basket.

Woodengirl said...

I am sitting here laughing at Ella and her laundry basket. What a crack up! She is going to be walking any minute!

Jamie Wride said...

Not only for the grandmas....but for me too!

Jocie said...

I love when she says "no" to mama and then she thinks its funny. What a silly girl!