July 20, 2009

Minnesota Nice

Ella and I are having a great time in Minnesota. Everyone really is nice. On my walk last night I had four people stop me and tell me how beautiful Ella was, was I new to the neighborhood?, do I think the good weather will last? And they all seemed genuinely interested in my answers. 

Speaking of weather, it has been beautiful. Mid 70s, green, not too humid. Perfect. Much better than winter. Packer siblings: What would you think of celebrating Christmas in July next year? I'm serious. It is so much nicer during the summer than during the winter, flying would be easier, and we wouldn't be stuck inside. What do you think? 


Ryan said...

I'm so glad you guys are having a good time. The pictures of Ella are so great. I really do miss you guys. Keep posting pictures when you have time.

Jessica said...

I love Ella's dimple! And Ryan's face at the top of that climb is a classic. I'm glad they are safe.

alisha said...

I like that idea! Minnesota is much more pleasant in the summer than the winter.