July 12, 2009


My sister Kimmy works for a company called Maggie Soterro. They specialize in wedding dresses, but also make prom dresses. Well, this week they had a warehouse sale for their Flirt line. They took the dresses that were one-of-a kind designs that didn't make it to production or left over from trunk sales and blew them out. Originally these dresses sold for $400, but for a few hours on Thursday night every dress was $25. It was CRAZY. Teenagers (and their moms) running around like mad women, hoarding dresses right and left. I felt like I was in a sitcom. I literally walked by one dress, paused to look at it, and a woman shouted (mostly nice), "That one's taken!"

Kimmy and I both got swept up in the fun, and between us came home with 5 dresses. So if you ever need to dress up as Ms. America or the Queen, just let me know.

My dress. Lovely, isn't it?

The color didn't come out great on this. It is Shimmer Moss in case you couldn't tell.



packermom said...

Sounds like fun!

Todd and Megan said...

So much fun...I would have loved it! Your dress is gorgeous!

Alissa said...

Megan, you would have loved it. While I was there I even thought "too bad Megan isn't here--she would love this!"

Jocie said...

I actually have a Maggie Sotero for my wedding dress. I LOVe it! I had to order it online and call them with a sob story to get it on time for my wedding. But it was worth it. It sounds like it was a crazy fun sale!

Camie said...

Trying not to be jealous.

Jamie Wride said...

I saw Kimmy's dresses too...Grandma was right, the hanger was a cop out. But it was still a cute dress.