July 26, 2009

Blogging 101

Some of my favorite readers are over 50, and just a tiny bit tech challenged, so I thought I'd share a few tips on how to get the most out of your favorite blogs.

1. Links. When a word is highlighted it often means that it is a hidden link. Depending on the blog it will be highlighted differently, but most of the time it is a different color from the rest of the text.

2. Pictures. If you want a bigger version, just click on the picture you would like to see.

3. Comments. Different blogs have different ways to comment. On my blog it is really easy. If you want to leave a comment (such as, "I would have liked to see YOU model the dress, not the hanger") here's how you do it:
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the post you want to comment on
  • Click on the words that say "1 comment" (or "0 comments" or "16 comments;" the number in front of 'comments' doesn't matter)
  • Type your comment in the white box
  • Now you have four options on how to identify yourself. The last two are the easiest. With "Name/URL" you type your name into the Name box (leave the URL one blank). With "Anonymous" you don't have to type anything in. If you choose "anonymous" sign your name at the end of your comment so I know who you are
  • Click "publish your comment"
  • Easy, right? I expect a comment or two from Ella's Great-Grandparents.
4. Google reader. If you have lots of blogs that you follow, you can sign up for a "reader." What it does is compile all of the blogs you read into one place. This way when you want to check if any grandchildren have posted a new blog you only have to go to one place instead of clicking from blog to blog. It is easier, but hasn't really caught on with the grandmas. I think they like clicking from blog to blog. If you want to set one up let me know and I'll help you do it.

To all you over 50s who have mastered the art of blogging, my heartfelt congratulations and admiration.


Sue said...

As an extremely tech-challenged over 50-year-old, I appreciate your tutorial!

Woodengirl said...

Well, Baby Al, being a hidden link on your blog just made my day!!!

I loved your tutorial too.