October 19, 2008

First Friends

Ella has made some new friends. She is very excited to get bigger so she can play with her new pals.
Avery and Ella are 4 months apart, which is fun because Avery's Dad and Ella's Mom are also 4 months apart, and were friends from the beginning.

"Big Trav" giving "Baby Al" some Easter cookies.

Ella and Lily are only a week apart. Ella's jealous of Lily's gorgeous hair and her ability to sleep for long stretches during the night.

There are a few more buddies that Ella is sure she will be friends with...Kate, Ethan, Bea, Ros, Ty, Cole and Beck. Here's to many a playdate!


kimmy girl said...

it is a good think baby ella has aunt kimmy to keep her looking hip for her friends! i better go to h&m again before i head home. we gotta keep this girl looking good!

Unknown said...

Wow Al she is adorable! I think she looks so much like you! Can't wait to hold her!

Todd and Megan said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I am ABSOLTUELY sure that you with PASS with FLYING COLORS! Ella is darling.