October 22, 2008

Big Day

So on Monday I take the American Board of Pediatrics Certifying Examination, affectionately known as "the boards." I am really excited to be done with this so I can stop spending every spare minute studying (well, not every minute...I guess I am blogging right now.) The thing is, I'd really like to pass. It would be really great if I didn't have to retake this thing next year. And seeing as the national pass rate is in the 70s, I thought I'd call in a few prayers to boost my odds. In exchange I'll tell you some of the useful, and not so useful, things I've been learning.

  • If your water heater is set to 150 degrees it will only take 2 seconds to cause a 3rd degree burn
  • 80% of toddlers tantrum once a week
  • Proteus causes an elevated urine pH and is found with kidney stones
  • The formula to calculate the correct endotracheal tube size is as follows: age in years/4 + 3 for a cuffed tube and age in years/4+ 4 for an uncuffed tube
  • If you happen to have a liver abscess, and you've recently been in the Amazon, consider Entamoeba Histolytica as a likely cause.
A big thanks to everyone who has helped me out already. I am actually feeling mostly okay about the test. And I am very grateful for all the prayers and babysitting that has helped me calm and prepare.

In other news, Ella continues to grow. She's turned into a little fatty, but we love her anyway. She had her 2 month visit yesterday and weighs in at 9 lbs 12 ounces (40%ile) and is 21 inches long (20%ile). Like I said, a little fatty. But she's been a happy little girl as of late, and sleeping much better, so I'll take it.
We almost captured a smile here. Almost.


Danielle said...

Fat babies are the CUTEST! She is just perfect.

I totally thought I had commented on the post below...cute girls.

I can't believe the random stuff you have to know for your boards. I am sure you will do great, but we'll say a prayer for you just in case.

Andrea said...

Good luck on your boards! I know you'll pass with flying colors.

I have to comment on just one of your factoids because I just haven't experienced odds this good: At our house, 80% of toddlers tantrum at LEAST once a DAY!! (My children clearly weren't involved in that study and must be way off the charts on the once a week statistic!)

BTW, babies are supposed to be chubby - that way you can kiss them and cuddle them and tickle them without breaking them!
Ella is so cute - don't you just LOVE dressing up a baby girl?!

amber said...

She is getting so big! If you want to see a fat baby, check out Gagey - He makes Ella look like she'll blow away in the wind!!!! LOL! He passed the 30 lb mark a couple months ago. Poor lil guy can barely walk due to the weight problem!