October 29, 2008

After the Boards

For quite some time now I've been saying, "I'll do that after the boards." Well, life after the boards is here! After a very long day at the Seattle Airport Hilton, I am done. I don't know how it went--the first half I was sure I failed. The second half went relatively well. The good news is that I don't find out until January, so I can live in ignorant bliss until then.

Thanks to everyone who sent me your prayers, good vibes, karma and thoughts. It helped.

A sampling of the things I am going to do: read Healthy Sleeping Habits, Happy Child and start working on Ella's sleeping; read a book for fun; buy new jeans; clean out some drawers; post the pasta bit for the food storage website; go walking; start working out; cook; get my hair done; make Ella a Halloween costume...or just let her wear the "I Want My Mummy" onesie; go back to work. I finally feel like residency is over, and am excited to live a grown up life.


Janice said...

I thought a lot about you this weekend. Glad it is over. Mary had folliculitis. YUCK. Thankfully, she is on the mend.

Lindy said...

We can't wait for you to come back either. I'm glad you are done with boards, and I'm sure you did great

packermom said...

I'm so proud of you and glad their over!! Just enjoy life for a while!