October 23, 2008

Double Tag

I am officially saturated from studying (at least for today...) and Ella is sleeping, so I thought I'd catch up on my "tags."


1. I have fingers of steel and a self-preservation instinct that isn't very strong. It is not uncommon for me to grab a pan without a hot pad, try and fish something out of boiling water with my hands, or some other silly maneuver that involves high heat and bare hands.

2. I drink hot water. Plain hot water. I'm often cold and find a hot beverage a quick way to warm my core. I used to make hot chocolate, tea, or some other socially acceptable beverage but eventually I learned that all I really needed was the hot water. I got more than a few odd looks when I filled my Nalgene with the red tab in the resident's lounge.

3. I edit my blog obsessively. I almost always change something after I've posted. They are typically small edits: I'll add or remove a comma, change a word, adjust the spacing.

4. I remember what people wear. I'm not as bad as I used to be, but I can almost always remember what someone was wearing when I visited them. (Example: When I visited with Thayer last she was wearing a purple tee with a silver horse on it over a long sleeved grey shirt, khaki pants and running shoes. Chris was wearing a Block Island sweatshirt and jeans.)

5. I am horrible with names, even people I know well. But I am good at remembering their stories. I recently had to take role in Relief Society, and it was filled with things like, "Recently went and visited a ranch" instead of names.

6. I have poor spatial awareness. Ryan can't stand to walk with me because I don't walk in a straight line. For this reason I don't let Ella sleep with me--I just might roll onto her without even knowing it.

Well, Ella is now awake. I'll have to get to the other tag later.


Jessica said...

I hear you on the blog editing. Sometimes it takes me forever to make a post, even if it is a short one.

Thayer said...

ok, #4 is just scary - all I know is that you had your jean skirt on, but I also know that's your "going out" skirt.

Jessica said...

I did no know any of that about you! Grandpa Rob drinks hot water but he'll sometimes throw a lemon in it. Good luck w/ the boards! That word alone makes me need to run to the restroom! We will be praying/thinking/being nervous for you on that day I assure you!

Niki said...

Al, this is just scary. After our conversation the other day and now I share almost all of these random things you posted today...it's just plain wierd! Maybe genetics really do play a role in quirks. Good luck on the boards!

Jessica said...

You are hilarious. But you forgot one major quirk- your completely irrational fear of mice!
Did you notice I am the 3rd Jessica to comment?
What was I wearing the last time you saw me?

Alissa said...

You are right--I forgot about my fear of mice. A fear so great that when I saw one in my kitchen I threatened to go to a hotel or at least sleep in my car. But this one is definitely genetic. Legend has it that after seeing a mouse, Grandma Lota spent 8 hours on top of the washing machine waiting for Grandpa Boyd to come home.

As I recall, last time I saw you I was on the verge of tears as I tried to feed Ella. My super-human fashion memory was turned off. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Can't remember names but you can remember what they wear. Wierd!! Have a great time in Seattle but by the time I write this, you will be done. Laura