April 8, 2015

Christmas, 2014

Christmas was filled with family, good food, and lots of fun. Jamie came to town, which gave us an excuse to do things which we otherwise might not make the effort to do.  We went to the scavenger hunt at the Grand America, a BYU basketball game, lights at Temple Square, ZCMI candy windows at Macey's and Thanksgiving Point. All of the Harman's spent the night at our house on Christmas Eve and we played the traditional round of Christmas Bingo. Some of the more notable prizes: Dutch Blitz, an inflatable Unicorn horn, cheetah slippers, a battery powered motion sensing light, Stanz socks, Delta SkyMiles, J Crew gift cards, a Garmin watch, Costco Gift Card (which I won and bought a Bosch mixer with!), and a few other good things that I can't remember now--Jame and Kim you'll have to remind me!

Christmas morning was full of crazy. We told Ella that she couldn't open another present until everyone had opened one. She took the job of present-passer-outer to heart and made sure there were no lulls in the unwrapping. It turned into a bit of a free for all, but was fun. Ella got an American Girl Doll (Isabel) and Anna got a Frozen blanket and a Glitter Glider Castle. Ryan got a Trunk from Trunk Club (for the win!) and I got a necklace from Tiffany (that I took back because I am too cheap--and then replaced it with a much less fancy necklace from Tiffany).

Doug and Janet came to Utah to spend Christmas with Grandma Packer, and then visited with us for a few days. It was great to see them.

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