February 22, 2015

Rochester Nativity

For the past three years my mother-in-law Janet has been in charge of a creche that their church puts on. It is a two day activity with hundreds of nativities on display, over a dozens of musical groups, food, and a transformation of a Stake Center. I've wanted to see it, and since this is the last year Janet is in charge I thought I'd try and make it happen. I had a companion fare ticket that was about to expire, so I brought Ella (and Sara) with me. It was a really quick trip. We left on Friday evening and came home Monday afternoon. But I loved seeing the nativities and the entire event. It did not disappoint.

By far, my favorite nativity was this small, hand-carved wooden one. The memory of childbirth was still fresh in my mind, and the image of Mary lying down cradling her baby with Joseph kneeling at her side rang true.

We also got to spend some time with Janet's sister Sandra. She was so sweet with Ella and so helpful with Sara. An added bonus for us! On our way out we stopped at the Mall of America and checked out the American Girl store. Ella was taken with Isabelle, the Girl of the Year. Because she has a pink streak in hair, of course. Keeping it classy.

 It was a quick trip, but I was so glad to see Janet work her magic one last time before handing it off. Love you!

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