April 18, 2015

Anna turns 4

Anna's 4th birthday celebration turned into quite the event. Apparently Grandpa Paul wasn't cool with us bringing in the princesses for Ella and letting Anna choose what we have for dinner and calling it a party. So he took matters into his own hands. They offered to have the girls over for a sleepover on Friday and have a little party on Saturday at their house. Yes, please. But then in true Harman fashion the little party turned bigger. With a balloon artist. And a face painter. And a homemade princess cake. 

They ran into a little bump in the road when Brent's family went out of town that weekend. The guests went from enough to awkward pretty quickly. So we moved the party to our house, hastily invited some friends and boom! Party!!

Check out the turtle balloon bracelet Sara is sporting! 

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Sharon said...

Anna's crown is perfect. Looks like a fun party