October 31, 2013

Japan, 2013: Friday (Fish Market)

Friday morning we made the early morning trek to the Fish Market with all of the Adobe folks. Near the entrance to the fish market there are 10 or 15 little (and I mean little) sushi restaurants. They open in the morning, and the lines only get longer as the day goes on, so sushi for breakfast it is. 

Waiting in line. You can't tell, but this line snakes around three times. There was a Japanese man ensuring that people moved in the right direction.

Outside, looking in. Waiting our turn.

The fish just kept coming. And I kept eating. I've never been a huge fan of Nigiri, but it was amazing.

Our sushi master

After we could eat no more, we walked across the street to the fish market. This thing's legit. No dressing it up for the tourists. In fact, they don't allow tourists until after 9:00, when the hustle and bustle is over. We got kicked out when we tried to go into the fish auction warehouse. The place is bustling. There are hundreds of motorized carts whizzing around. Ryan's only instructions to me were to not get hit. 

We got done with the fish market around 8:00. We had planned on taking the day together to sightsee, but things came up for Ryan and he went into the office. And I had a fantastic day at the Weston. A read a book (an entire book). I went to the gym. I drank my favorite tea (real mint +  hot water--I don't understand how it is so good but it is). I watched most of season 3 of Downton Abby. Ryan and I caught up for dinner at a great Italian place near the hotel. All in all, a pretty good day. Well, for one of us :)

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