November 1, 2013

Japan, 2013: Saturday (Kamakura)

On Saturday Ryan and I braved the rain to see the big Buddha in Kamakura. Pretty amazing, considering that it is 13 meters tall, and constructed in 1243. We visited a few other shrines, as well. Even rainy it was fun.

So friendly. My favorites.

These are in honor of miscarried, stillborn or aborted infants. 

Sometimes they dress them up.

Creepy or sweet?

We came back to Tokyo and had the most delicious Ramen I've ever had. The fact that the only competition costs 19 cents and can be cooked in the microwave should not lessen its deliciousness. It was amazing. And perfect on a rainy day.

We finished off the trip with a long nap in our hotel room before leaving for our 12:30 am flight. We tried to get a jump start on the jet lag. By the time we reached LAX 10 hours later, I was ready for bed. And the next morning I was excited to see my cute girls who welcomed us home with this.

It's good to be home. And it will be even better when I'm 100% back on Utah time :)

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packermom said...

That sign is the sweetest thing! Glad you had a good time!