October 17, 2013

Ella is 5!

It's true. Ella turned five during the first week of school. And we had so much fun at her birthday party that I hardly took a picture. There was a Groupon for a bounce house rental a few months ago and I bought it on a whim. Good move--made for some easy party planning. Ella and Grandma Sue picked out a birthday cake, and in true form, Grandma let her pick whatever she wanted. Let me tell you,  it was a good one. It was a princess party (of course) so we made princess pajama shirts. "Pajama" shirts so no one is obligated (allowed) to wear them in public. Kind of like this

The bounce house was actually WAY more fun when it wasn't hot hot outside, ie after the party was over. The delivery guys asked if they could leave it overnight instead of coming at 7 pm to pick it up. We happily obliged.

Ella really is at a fun stage right now. She is so helpful and amazingly good with Anna. Whenever they have a disagreement, Ella almost always figures out a compromise, often to her detriment. She's still loving school, but I am certain that I will worry for years to come as to whether sending her was the right decision, as she is the very youngest in her class. Academically she does great, but she is a year younger than most kids and it makes me worry about her socially. I shouldn't, though; she really has done great. And man, can that girl read. Watch this movie I took last month. This was the first or second time she'd ever read the book.

Ella, we love you so so much. Here's to my favorite five-year-old!

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alisha said...

What an awesome birthday! I can't believe she is 5!