September 3, 2013


It's true. Ella is old enough to go to Kindergarten. Just barely. Her birthday is August 29th (thanks to her obsessive mother who moved her c-section up a week and a half so she could make the deadline) so she is the youngest one in her class. I'm sure I will second guess this decision a thousand times over the years, but for now I think she is ready. She had a great first day, and one week in she still loves it. Anna, however, is not convinced. She misses her bestie for those three hours. Mom is going to have to step up her game to fill in the gaps. Love you, Ella!


Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

Aww, these tykes are adorable. I'm impressed with Ella's handwriting already. Keep it up!

packermom said...

Love this little kindergartener!