September 2, 2013

Hayward, WI 2013 (iphone pics)

12 years ago I first visited Hayward, Wisconsin, where the Packers have a cabin. I loved it and vowed to go back every year. I made good on my resolve for exactly one year. So when Doug and Janet and Grandma and Brad and Alisha were all going this year we decided to join in on the fun.  It was as great as I remembered--even better because we had an Ella and an Anna to share it with.

There is a great old time candy store in downtown Hayward. It was the highlight of the trip. I caught some of the pure joy on video

Go Karts. Of course.

my favorite picture ever. taken after she was surprised to see a peacock jump/fly 
We visited the Wilderness Walk one cloudy afternoon. We weren't sure what to expect, but what we found surprised us. "Corn cones" to feed the deer, goats, llamas, sheep, camels, and horses. Tigers and bears. Peacocks. Zebras (or were they striped horses? couldn't tell). Rides, playgrounds, walking trails, teepees, gold digging, and a wild west village. Wow.

Anna swimming by the dock.


packermom said...

So much fun to be with these cutie pies.

Lauren said...

Looks so fun! Can't wait for the year when we all make it up there together!