September 10, 2013


I've been meaning to do a post on Anna for so long, that most of the things I intended to write are now out of date. But...for posterity's sake (in case my iPhone ever dies, because heaven forbid I back it up) here are some snippets of the past 6 months.

  • She has imaginary friends. She doesn't talk about them much anymore, but their names are classic.  Sissy, Luna, Pay-uh and Pissa 

  • She used to greet you with, "Is it bwea-fest time" when you came in and got her in the morning. This video isn't the cutest, but someday I am sure I will watch it and tear up as I listen to her sweet voice. 

  • The binky. She loves it. Serious love. She can only have it when she is in her crib (or I want her to be quiet on an airplane, in church, etc) and it is not uncommon for her to sit in her crib for hours just so she can have it. When she is deciding whether to get out of her crib and give up the binky she will often take one last 'hit' on it before she drops it. We may never give it up.
  • She cut her own hair. It could have been worse, but it's not awesome. We tried to salvage it with a cute bob.
  • She has been talking in paragraphs since she was 2. Less interested in numbers and letters.                                          
  • She can use the potty on demand, but every time I put her in underwear it doesn't end well. But watching her climb up on the toilet is the funniest thing ever. 
  • She often calls me "Mama." Don't know where it came from. It's sweet.
  • She occasionally will have this deep laugh that cracks us up. She also will say, "I am a German" in her best Arnold S. voice. 

  • She's always on the go. We were just visiting our 103-year old neighbor, who commented, "My you are a busy one!"
  • Ella is really really great with her. If they fight over a toy, or who gets to do something Ella almost always figures out a compromise that they are both happy with, most of the time letting Anna have what she wants. 


Lauren said...

I cannot wait to hang out with this little girl this weekend!
Also, how cold is your house that she is sleeping in fleece jammies AND a zip-up-blankie-thing that I can't remember the name of right now. I want to sleep in your house!

Sharon said...

That Anna is just the cutest girl ever. I love her sweet little voice

Meksemmy said...