November 6, 2012

30 Days of Thanks #6

During this move I have had so many people show up and help out. Today a friend brought me lunch (when I really needed a friend to ground me and keep me from freaking out) and then another friend knocked on my door and said, "I've got an hour. Put me to work." This second friend, Trudy, is one of my favorite people. She gets stuff done, and doesn't ever worry about if she gets credit, or who is actually supposed to be doing it. And this is all the more impressive when you know she has cancer (although she'd never tell you). The kind of cancer that doesn't allow her out of bed some days. And still, there she was, knocking on my door and helping me pack boxes--for the second time--she came last week, too! She is a fun, kind, hard-working Idaho farm girl and I love her and am grateful for her in my life.

a photo I snapped of Trudy while she was getting Anna some juice

Above quote by Ronald A. Rasband. Read the whole talk here.

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Camie said...

Moving! There comes a point where it kind of feels like camping, like you're roughing it--and right when you need something, all you can find is q-tips. Good luck, Al!!