November 9, 2012

30 Days of Thanks #7 & 8

not a great shot--it was a busy day

I am thankful for movers. We survived the move, mainly because we had 60 man hours worth of professional movers. 60 hours!! Even with the Elder's Quorum, that would have taken us weeks. Who knew we had so much junk?!? 

We are getting settled in our new place. I continue to have so many people help me--I can't thank you all enough. My aunt Sharon and cousin Kristen came and helped (unbidden, I might add. Refer to yesterday's post :) Sharon brought the most delicious cookies, and Kristen totally unpacked the girls' rooms so that when they went to bed that night they had a somewhat familiar setting. My friend Danielle has watched my kids for two days straight, all like it's no big deal. And she unpacked the playroom. My friend Lyssa came down and turned my kitchen into something workable. Ifeta came and tried to do everything, from cleaning to organizing to moving. I kept telling her that we hired movers, and she kept telling me that she would do a better job so she was just going to do it herself. My Dad brought his truck and some muscle (thank you Jose Louis). And my mom...despite a horribly swollen sprained ankle, has done it all and then some. We also had three people from the new ward stop by with treats in hand. Ryan left for Australia yesterday, so it has been great to have so many people stepping up. I feel really blessed.

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