November 12, 2012

30 Days of Thanks #10

So I feel a little silly posting this, but it really is what I was thankful for today. On Thursday afternoon I took all the food from my freezer and packed it up to bring to the new house. But I left it in the car. Thankfully it was cold, and by the time I found it on Friday it was still somewhat frozen, but needed to be eaten rather than refrozen. So Saturday night I attempted to make Ryan's delicious short rib ragu. Halfway through the process I realized that the box with the beef bullion was packed. I went downstairs, tore through a few boxes but only ended up more frustrated that I couldn't find what I wanted. I gave up, but was so sad because all my hard work was going to be for nothing. So I said a little prayer. And immediately I remembered what box it was in, and where it was. I went to the storage room and found it no problem. I was so grateful to be able to finish cooking with a smile on my face, and not get caught in a downward spiral of "I can't find anything...everything is a mess...I have so much left to do...I'll never get it all done...poor me..."

I believe in the power of prayer and am most thankful for it in my life. 

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