July 28, 2011

over and over and over again

Do you ever feel like all you do, all day long, is tidy your house? Not clean, just pick up. All. Day. Long. 'Cause that's where I'm at. All. Day. Long. I think I am genetically incapable of keeping a tidy house without constantly working at it. All. Day. Long.

I know I said this, but apparently I didn't really mean it.

Any good tips or solutions?


Janice said...

It is the plague of my life. That is why I often bury myself in a book.

Jocie said...

Somedays I only pick up at the end of the day. Then I can get to other things (like dishes and laundry). I also have Rome help me cleanup before he goes to bed. Other days I wander the house putting things away and nothing gets done. I so feel you.

Jessica said...

Story of my life, but I'm also breaking up fights at the same time! By the state of my house, you can tell I don't have the answer for you :)

Amelia Hohl said...

Well...not that my house always tidy, but I've found that through my move I've simplified things so that cleaning up means throwing everything downstairs in one basket, which takes about one minute at the end of the day. It also gets a lot easier when the kids get involved.