July 12, 2011


{she's picking out her own clothes these days. very stylish}

During my formative years, my parents employed the carrot more often than the stick. Today I learned that Ella is a carrot girl as well. She wants a princess sippy cup like her friend Emma from preschool. So we made a tried and true sticker chart and viola! She's helpful, obedient and kind. 

Hope it lasts.


Marie said...

She is so cute :) We should get her and Jack together for a playdate one of these days when I'm at my moms.

Jessica said...

You forgot adorable! What a cute picture! When I told Ty that Ella was going to come play, he shouted, "Hooray!"

Sue said...

Can you remember when you were 2 1/2 and you swam the entire length of the pool for a Barbie doll?

Anonymous said...

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