July 8, 2011

dinner jacket

Yesterday our friend Justin took his Orthopedic Boards. The Boards are a 'final exam' of sorts after 9 years of training. Kind of a big deal. To celebrate Justin wanted to ride to Sundance and then dine at the Tree Room. We were in. 

Ryan and Justin at the summit of the Alpine Loop

Justin somehow sweet talked the girl at the Spa to stay late (missing yoga) and let them shower. She was supposed to charge them $30 but then felt badly because she thought she was rude to them when they first got there (because they were an hour late and she was missing her yoga) so she gave it to them for free. 

Amelia and I brought clothes for Ryan and Justin to change into.


So Justin ate in his bike shorts and a jacket we found in the car. Gave us all a good laugh, especially when he got a little warm and inadvertently unzipped his jacket. Good thing the Tree Room doesn't have a "no shirt no service" policy.

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