April 7, 2011


Ella went through a phase of wanting to teach me how to say words. I caught some of it on video.

It is really fun to watch Ella's imagination develop. The other day she told me that my closet was called "mom hom" and she took her toys in there and pretended to give them suckers. But my favorite is Jim. One evening she was sitting in her chair, peeking under the table saying, "It's otay. You tan tome out now." When I asked her who she was talking to she told me "I tan't tell you." But eventually it came out that we have a houseguest. His name is Jim, he is a daddy, he lives in the living room, he has 5 kids, and his hair is either pink or green, depending on what color they were painting the building he went in that day. This video's not the best, but still cracks me up.


Thayer said...

Too cute, I'm glad you got it on video.

Amelia Hohl said...

too bad my computer's sound does not work! Blast it all! I'll have to look it up on my phone. Looks really cute though

kimmy girl said...

i still take credit for bribing Jim's name out of her...coconut ice cream works every time.