April 16, 2011

no monogrammed linens for you

In the process of naming our children, we tried to think about the name as a whole. Will it be good as a child? Can you grow into it as an adult? Is it trendy? Is it dated? Do the initials spell a word? Is their name a sentence? (My sister's daughter was almost Ava May Wride until Kimmy [and Taylor] caught it)

But I didn't think of everything. I was putting together a baby announcement for Anna and picked this template:

Anna Elise Packer. APE. Didn't see that one coming. But I really liked the card with the picture we had, so I tweaked it and put 2.10.11 in the yellow box and skipped the whole name calling bit.

Sorry Anna. I don't see any personalized luggage, linens or silver in your future.

{also, I'm sure no one really cares, but I didn't order enough announcements and was too lazy to do it again, so I didn't send them to everyone I wanted to. sorry!}


Janice said...

That is hilarious.

Jamie Wride said...

it would have been ava mae wride...still pretty bad.